The Home Towns

The “Home Towns” project is a comprehensive corporate responsibility program from Gazprom Neft. The aim of this program is to improve living conditions in those cities and towns in which the company is active, and to improve residents’ access to a quality urban environment, education, and culture. We operate on the premise that anyone living in a small town deserves the same quality of environment as someone living in a major city. For that reason, the approach we take is innovative and unusual: investing in our “Home Towns”, we strive for the highest possible standards in all projects we undertake — many of which are genuinely unique in Russia.

Corporate social responsibility is integral to the company’s strategic development, and the full and thoroughgoing development of those areas in which we operate is an essential part of this.

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Birthplace of victory

  • ВInvesting not only in the victories of tomorrow, but in the wider future of sport in the country, overall
  • Raising a healthy generation, and building character among young people
  • Building strong regional sports schools, and developing regional prestige
  • Helping ensure a healthy country, confident in its own abilities, and building national prestige
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Preserving traditions

  • Cooperating with — and realizing the full potential of — the indigenous peoples of Northern Russia
  • Ensuring their full inclusion in modern life while preserving the culture and traditions of their ancestors
  • Capacity building (support in developing managerial skills)
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A town for people

  • A systematic approach to improving the urban environment
  • Ensuring good living conditions for all
  • Increasing opportunities for personal fulfilment
  • Making cities more attractive to live in
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Cultural code

  • There is a cultural life beyond major capital cities!
  • Building demand for cultural events: it’s not population that makes a city ‘cultural’, but demand for cultural events
  • Investing in regional branding
  • Establishing cultural attractions, developing a strong local identity and encouraging pride in one’s home town; developing local "business cards"
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New horizons

  • Support and development in education
  • Equal opportunities for all: a child living in a small town should have the same opportunities as a child living in the capital
  • Raising the quality of human capital: ensuring equal opportunities and a “sure start” for children in the region, ensuring the quality of human capital
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